About Us

El Handasia Company for Modern packs was established on 2004 and started the actual production by the end of 2007.

The company has emerged from El Handasia Plastic Industry Company which is considered the mother company and was established by Eng/ Nabil Refaat on 1992.
In order to resume this success which began on 1992, we use the best quality raw materials to produce superior quality of packaging.

The company has imported the best injection molding machines, and best quality mold designs to meet the requirements of local and international markets.

We have 25 years of experience in this industry, and we offer our services to the biggest companies in the field of paints, chemicals and food processing industries in the Arab World.

In 2010 Robot technology was added in the operation to increase production.



Development Stages in Our Company:

  • In 2015 The use of robots in the industry reached 60%.
  • In 2009 a new printing technology was added from Heat Transfer Printing to using OFFSET Machine.
  • In 2012 In Mold Labeling was used.

By this We have three technologies in printing:

  1. Heat Transfer Printing.
  2. OffSet Printing Machine.
  3. In Mold Labeling using Robots.

- New Markets were opened in Arab and African Countries like: Lybia & Sudan.