• Elhandasia for modern packs is one of the oldest companies in the printed plastic products of all sizes in the Middle East.
  • we started manufacturing printed plastic products in 1999 and now we have many types of printing, which offers the largest variety of products
    in Egypt and Africa.
  • Our production has been extended to include several Arab countries such as Libya, Sudan and African countries such as Nigeria, where the printing up to eight colors
  • The company is also pleased to meet customer requests from Egypt and all the countries of the world and to commit to dates and the production specification of high quality.
  • We have the best and largest number of skilled technicians and workers in the printing sector also we have the best production lines with high-precision, So Elhandasia for modern packs has become the first name in the world of printed plastic products manufacturing.
  • Our company is targeting now the European market like the Netherland & Austria.